Blood Is Compulsory

So, yeah, I have this set of five poems to complete as soon as possible. One is finished already–An Issue of Blood, which as you might guess, has Bible-fu in it. All the heresy you need in one easy poem. And since it’s a set of five, for one publication, I thought it would be neat to have them link up thematically. It’s a featured poet gig, specifying only five poems of any subject, so a series would be a step above and beyond the call of duty, and I like to do that when I can.

Only, I don’t think that five poems on Christianity, no matter how visercal, heretical, or serious-minded and non-evangelical (I’m not Christian, but damn, they have some great tunes) they might be, was exactly what the editor thought the CMV brochure promised, so even though part of me really thinks it would be cool one of these days to do a chapbook of poems based in the medieval, magical, terrifying, opulent Christian/Catholic tradition with which I am and have always been fascinated–I won’t inflict that on a poor unsuspecting guy this time around.

So looking at An Issue of Blood, and trying to think of what I could pull out as a theme, I see, well, blood. And I think Blood Poems would be really, really cool, if I could pull it off without being Gothy McGotherton from Gothtown, USA.

So I’m brainstorming blood poems that wouldn’t be lame. I think I’ve come up with two. I need to think of two more. And one of the things I thought of was the blood in the Greek underworld that the shades have to drink to manage dimensionality and memory. Which is bitchin’.

And my brain said the following:

But sovay did that already in Shade and Shadow, and she did it so well you couldn’t possibly hope to measure up, and also, that story is so fucking good you probably couldn’t even think of another angle for that myth.

The moral is that if you are good, and sovay is in her own league of good, it is possible to own a myth so totally that another author sits down to write about it and thinks “But that’s hers.” Which is to say that you should definitely go out and get Singing Innocence and Experience.

So. Two more blood poems. Think, McFly, think.

There’s something brewing in me about Aphrodite and Hephaestus, too, but that doesn’t have any blood in it.

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