Made it to Level 28 without dying!

(Thank you for the books,



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215 Responses to Birthday

  1. fireriven says:

    Happy birthday!

  2. leahbobet says:

    Level up!

    Happy birthday!

  3. oursin says:

    Happy birthday!

  4. mroctober says:

    Hmm, you’re no longer a puppy. But still a young’in to me.

  5. rosefox says:

    You beat the big boss at the end of the level! Happy birthday. *)

  6. seajules says:

    Hoppy Birthfrogs, as we say!

  7. mehinda says:

    Happy birthday!

  8. londonkds says:

    Happy birthday!

  9. dkolodji says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  10. tibicina says:

    Happy Birthday!

  11. sinboy says:

    Happy birthday!

  12. canonfire says:

    Happy birthday!

  13. ¡Feliz cumpleaños!

  14. Happy birthday, C!
    here’s a cake of green mushrooms chiming merrily. ^_^

  15. ecmyers says:

    Happy birthday! Level 28 is fun. Don’t forget to save often.

  16. thegreenyear says:

    happy birthday, you nerd. your gift: +2 Pen of Smiting.

  17. Happy Birthday darling! Belated package in the mail to you!

  18. justbeast says:

    W E L C O M E
    T O T H E N E
    X T L E V E L

    (Happy Birthday my dear)

  19. ide_cyan says:

    Happy birthday!

  20. Happy Birthday!!!! YEAH!!! 🙂

  21. eudaimonia says:

    Happy Birthday Cat! 🙂

  22. farklebarkle says:

    yay, glad you got it.

    happy happy!

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