Back in the Saddle

First things first:

Happy Birthday grailquestion!

I love you, sweetie.


Also, my new power cord came, finally, so I’m back in the land of the cyber-living! Genevra bounces back from the vicious Double Jaw German Shepherd Electronica Attack! Ah, my files, how I missed you.

But of course, I have gotten nothing done today, between oversleeping due to vast amounts of insomnia over the last few days and subsequent Jack’s Vacant Stare zombification, reading/approving galleys, taking care of my co-dependent dogs, banking, re-syncing files from temporary computer to Genevra again, and trying to find supplies to wrap the aforementioned birthday girl’s presents, I have about two hours left in my day and the energy of a dead wombat.

Also, I completely shredded my knee by trying to step over a dog-gate which was clearly left too high for the short people of the world like me, and falling onto the broken part of the floor, which chomped my leg pretty good. Go me! 6.0! So I’m looking at a super-fantastic day so far.

Anyone in the Cleveland area who knows us: the party for the girl is at Mom’s Diner at 7 pm tomorrow–RSVP and BYOWhateverYouDrink.

In the last news of the day, toast with maple butter and pesto is surprisingly delicious. Also, have finished Lighthousekeeping. Review forthcoming. All I can say is that Winterson would be my favorite living novelist if she could just get the whole second-half-of-the-book thing under control. Alas, she keeps insisting on writing half of two different books and slapping them together for whimsical fun. It’s like reading If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler, but for real(s).

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