Back at the Izbushka

I’ve actually gotten a lot of work done today–cleaned the house (except for the offices which cannot be cleaned until there are bookshelves and storage for the crap on the floor) swept the porch and driveway of their accumulated tree-droppings, and the lawn miraculously looks like a lawn, and not a mini-Amazon. Plus some laundry. And sweeping the house, since I have yet to be able to locate the correct vacuum bags for my cleaner.

Also arranged transport to the dealership to pick up my car in the morning. At which point I will go to get new ID on the base.

On top of that, I got a man out to look at the heater and fix it, since it had overheated and in response decided to blow its fan constantly for 6 weeks. Fun. The heater man was only slightly creepy, making weird jokes (to which he demanded I respond) and looking hungrily at the young woman all by herself in her house, and only staring at my chest once or twice. Ew, ew, and ew. But he fixed it, and it didn’t cost all that much, so this Bud’s for you, creepy gas man.

And I made jalapeno cornbread.

On the work side, I perused the layout for The Grass-Cutting Sword and agreed to contribute to a very fantastic podcast project. Hopefully I will make progress on this short story I’m working on by the time I go to sleep, which will make it a productive day on all counts.

So I’ve been very domestic, and all the sweeping put me very much in the mind of Baba Yaga, and  I admit that though it’s very hard to get started, housework is occasionally relaxing and brain-scrubbing.  I listened to an audiobook of Terry Pratchett’s Light Fantastic while working, and must say Pratchett is excellent for such duty. I hope the neighborhood appreciated hearing him with all my windows open.

Over the weekend, I rigged up the last bit of fencing so that Grimmy can run around the yard after her ball without scampering out onto the street. She is thrilled to pieces. Just after that, I received some lovely flowers sent from Sam, wishing me a happy mother’s day from “Sage and Grimm” who “luv yu becuaz yu feed us and giv us cookeez and we liek to sleap on teh bede and lik yer fayc.” Very sweet. Happy mother’s day to the actual mothers on my list.

So, productive. And a little lonely and far too quiet. The house feels so empty, but I do miss it, it is small and cozy and hobbit-like. Like me.

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