Autoaudiography Week 4: Snow


I just fell on my ass (and by ass I mean ass, hip, and back) THREE TIMES in the snow. I have not fallen in snow since Cleveland (in which I busted my tailbone during this California Girl’s first Actual Winter)! NOT SMOOTH. It was like a cartoon: foot slips, ass over teakettle, girl is looking at the sky.

My pride is bruised! The theme for Autoaudiography this week was going to be something else, but it is clear that the universe wants songs about SNOW and WINTER. Maybe if we sing about it, we will get more snow and less BS 50 degree days. Sympathetic magic for the win.

So: snow, winter, cold, ice, that sort of thing. Remember to keep all links free and legal so I don’t get it from the RIAA, and comb the comments for awesomeness.

I love this song by The Dismemberment Plan–I listened to it a lot when I was first moving to New England as it seemed to speak to my disillusionment with humans and myself and everything ever. (Maine saves!) I’ve always loved monologuey songs anyway.

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