Autoaudiography Week 2: Turn It Up

Autoaudiography was just a giant hit with you guys that I haven’t had a chance to go through all the songs and pick my favorites yet! I’ll try to do that by Wednesday, but I wanted to give you this week’s theme on time–consistency! It is not my middle name. But I try!

Also it is late in the day because I was being ProfessorCat today. (Not an actual professor. Or an actual cat.) and coaxing one of my Stonecoast MFA students out to the island with brunch and mangoes and booktalk. Back when I was going to be an Actual Professor instead of a writer, I always wanted to be like Dr. Schwartz in my medieval studies program, who had us over to her house for Ye Old Timey Food and spirited discussion and sometimes madrigal singing. Now I get to be, a little! I has a proud. I’m really looking forward to this semester, now that I’m not on tour, as I was last year while trying to teach.


I hope you’ve all been reading the comments as much as posting music–there’s some awesome stuff in there, and I am getting a kick out of learning little things about some of my long-time commenters based on their choices.

This week’s theme is Turn It Up. What song gets your blood going, makes you sound barbaric yawps and dance like a fool? What song constitutes and entire happy place of its own in your head? What makes you glad to be alive the moment you hear the first notes?

I couldn’t find a free/legal online source for the first song that came to mind, which was Baz Luhrmann’s version of Let the Sun Shine In, so I’ll hit up Gogol Bordello, my reliable fountain of awesome screamalong life is good music. Also the source of my default icon, which if you did not get, you wi
ll now.

And really, I must put up s00j’s amazing anthem, which I first heard whilst stuck in a snowstorm in Pennsylvania, and it thrills me now as then.

Post yours in the comments, keep the links free and legal, and peruse for your own pleasure. Simple!

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