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It’s late afternoon, there’s no food in the house, I’m knitting a waistcoat, working on tour details, and am restless. Time to fall back on old school LJing. Tell me anything. Anonymous commenting on. (Also I’ve noticed that I’ve just … Continue reading

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So my birthday is next week. This feels mad to me as the year just started, didn’t it? And of course two days after my birthday I depart on the giant Fairyland tour. There were plans for a party in Philly … Continue reading

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So I finally saw Tangled on some plane ride or another (they are starting to blend,  yo). For the most part I was super-impressed–the animation is just weepingly gorgeous, even for a pastel-shunner like me, and the story did not completely offend … Continue reading

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The winner of Martha Wells’ The Cloud Roads is…  ! Hooray! We’ll be giving away other authors’ books occasionally here–looks like it was fun. Also! I am reading at Pandemonium Books in Boston at 6 pm tonight–there will be ice cream … Continue reading

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Today is the fifth anniversary of Goblin Fruit. If you don’t know what that is, well. It’s a poetry zine that has dominated the face of SFF poetry for about five years now, changed the landscape and brought much quality and … Continue reading

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