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As with most knitting project, I finished this one at 1 am. But I’ve never discovered something wrong after finishing. So help me out, late night knitters. I just did the Damask pattern (find on Ravelry) which I love and is gorgeous. … Continue reading

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Jason over at Apex Publications announced this morning A Thing I have been keeping fairly quiet for awhile. As of November, I will be stepping down as editor of Apex Magazine. It has been a long and fascinating experience, often rewarding, always … Continue reading

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This is to say that I will be attending Anthocon from November 11-13 in Portsmouth, NH. You should, too, and here’s why. We don’t have an SFF con in northern New England right now. We have an anime con in Portland, a … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making debuted in May at #8 on the NYT list, an extraordinary result for a little crowdfunded book that began on this very website almost exactly two years before. … Continue reading

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I think part of the habit of blogging–and it is a habit, one that can be developed and one that can be lost–is when you have a thought, writing it down before you forget it or decide it’s dumb or get … Continue reading

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