Am her at World Fantasy and totally exhausted on Day One. Which makes Cat grumpy and not charming. Especially since there don’t appear to be any copies of her book in the dealer room. Grumble.

I missed it yesterday, but John Scalzi interviewed me on AOL–hopefully it’s not dreadfully dull. Read the 6 questions here.

I’m hoping to get ahold of

, but seem to have misplaced my phone. Sigh. I need some rest like whoa. 

The book seems to be doing reasonably well Amazon-ranking wise, and the release party in NYC went off without a hitch. However, I mostly feel like I’m sleepwalking at this point, having been essentially on the road since Saloncon. 

Also very hungry. Dinner with 

shortly. Off to find my phone. Love to all who are not here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Right back-atcha with the love, dearest. xo


  2. sinboy says:

    Yeh, you’ve been pushing youself a lot. I hope there’s some time to breathe soon after the con. Hugs to .

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