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So, awhile back I mentioned that I would like to run a small writers’ workshop sometime in the future. I’m not saying I want to start the next Clarion, I’m just saying I like to teach, and I know a rather alarming number of aspiring writers who crave structure and externally-provided discipline, and this explains the preponderance of Nanowrimo participants on my flist. At the moment I am seriously considering starting one, tentatively titled “Miss Crabapple’s Academy for Unwanted Authors.”

EDIT: To be clear, this would not take place until early next year at the least. The remainder of this year is devoted to completing all my outstanding projects–which includes the inannagoesdown entries and several other things in varying stages of development–I am simply feeling out the possibilities.

Clearly I want a neo-Victorian theme, here. It makes it more fun, and honestly, most everyone I know is all over Brontes these days. Terms would be 12 weeks, students limited to 15-20. There would be a little “graduation” packet received at completion of the course, and “lessons” would include weekly writing “slates” plus exercises in “elocution” (oral readings) “poise” (cover letter and public presentation craft) “domestic arts” (one week would be a non-writing artistic exercise) etc. I’m still brainstorming. Both poetry and fiction would be welcome, as well as genre and non-genre writers. Critiques would come from me and the rest of the class.

So, the question is, does anyone care? There’s plenty of workshops out there, so I’d like to know if there’s a quantity of people who would be interested in this one, and, you know, think I’m qualified to teach it. Also, since it would be 12 weeks of work (which, yes, I have time for, or I wouldn’t volunteer), whether anyone would pay a modest fee to participate. Honestly, without a fee, it’s my experience that, particularly online, laziness wins out, and the work doesn’t get done. In the grand tradition, there would be one Becky Sharp Scholarship for Extraordinary Young People, which would be application-based.

So, like a good LJ-er, I put it to a poll. If this is quite the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard, feel free to tell me so in the text box.

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