Anthocon 2011

This is to say that I will be attending Anthocon from November 11-13 in Portsmouth, NH.

You should, too, and here’s why.

We don’t have an SFF con in northern New England right now. We have an anime con in Portland, a comics con in Bangor (and a comics festival in Portland), and the Boston cons, but we don’t have a geeky book con. I want one. I want my region to have something awesome like Readercon, that’s easier for me to get to and will bring out the crowd near where I live so that I can make friends without driving for hours to a distant con.

Northern New England rules. We are boss. We deserve a sweet con. And that’s why, even though I’m so tired I can’t see straight, I’m going to this con, to invest in it existing and growing, so that when I am not tired I can have a hometown (sort of, it’s not in Portland but you can’t have everything) con. You get the fandom you make.

So come with me! A con is only as awesome as the people who attend.

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