Oh, what a joy the last two days have been.

The dogs have managed to pick up tapeworms. Very exciting. And I had to
pay extra at the emergency vet last night because no one else was open
so that Grimm could get checked out and medicated–only to find that
Sage, in her constant poking and prodding of Grimm, has picked up her
own infestation.

So I have to pay this all over again for Sage, and on top of that buy
the top of the line flea meds for both 65 pound dogs, since fleas are
the carriers for this sort of thing.

And I just don’t have the money for it. The beginning of the month is
tightest for us, as that’s when we pay our fun-loving mortgage, and
Grimm’s bill was tough enough to swallow.

I’ve given Sage the last 1/3 of Grimm’s medication to keep her on the
up and up until we can figure out what to do here, though that means
that Grimm needs one more dose that I don’t have and Sage needs two,
plus the round of shots the other vet gave Grimm. But I’m freaking out
for my babies, I can’t get ahold of Sam to discuss the State of the Bank Account, and we don’t get paid till Friday–plenty of time for
them to flare up again and infect the cats, too.

*insert standard LJ expression of distress and panic*

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