Copyediting of The Orphan’s Tales complete.

Now I wait and chew my nails till Halloween, and write the next books in the series.

Also the short stories and poetry I owe to various and sundry (yes, guys, I’m working on it).

Also I emerge from BookGrouchGarbageCan and start acting like a human being again. Theoretically.

Also I go to Virginia tomorrow to be proud of my brother as he graduates from Coast Guard training. Big week in the Thomas clan.

Also work on The Grass-Cutting Sword so that it will be out on time in June. Remember that thing? Yeah, me too.

Also return to Livejournal with tales of fabulous birthday party and, well, anything other than writing updates.

Of course, in writing, as with reading, the key is to start another book immediately after finishing the last one.

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