All You Do Is Mumble

I’m so under work-gun here it’s like a shoot-out at some corral or another, so a quick post to say am here but really stressed out. Had a major confidence setback yesterday and am still getting back on my feet, plus editing is always the part where you learn to hate the book, anyway. Ugh.

But! I wanted to link to a couple things because there have been some amazing icons made lately based on my work. I love icon-making–it’s stunning what people can do with 100×100 pixels.

So, grailquestion made several lovely Inanna icons here–including an animated one!

thesibylqueen made a bunch of beautiful Z icons here. Edit: And another set here! (Sigh. You know, in hindsight, I think Z got eaten by Apocrypha and I wish I had, at some point, found a way to get it published as a chapbook. Maybe a reprint, one of these days. What? I can dream.)

jupitah made fabulous series based on my Vitia Capitalis poem here.

If I’m missing someone who’s done a CMV icon or two recently, let me know. There’s getting to be so many I kind of wish there was a community, to keep them all in one place. But I’m allergic to that kind of self-promotion and self-importance (obviously not all kinds, just that one) so I just can’t see my way to doing it myself.

Anyway, looking at them makes me feel slightly more optimistic about my literary ability. Back to the book-mines. The copyedited version of Book of the Steppe is arriving today, and theoretically, I’m finishing up the content-editing of Book of the Sea. This house is like the Keebler Elf Factory of fairy tales.

I’m so tired.

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