All Actors and Players of Scenes Are, and Shall Be Taken to Be, Rogues

Computer problem stopgapped, as am in Cleveland briefly before heading to Context in Columbus tomorrow–if anyone is going, it looks to be an amazing con, with fantastic programming. Sadly, grailquestion and justbeast are staying behind for this one.

I want to post about Saloncon and I want to post about The Orphan’s Tales–just got the pretty finished copies in the mail and I think the appropriate response is OMGSWOON–but everything is crazy right now with lack of regular computer, book crying to be worked on, a con or event every weekend this month, the release party at the end of the month, and getting Sam to Crete. I have no time to breathe.

So this is what I have to post about: New York City, baby!

S.J. Tucker (s00j) and I are traveling to the big city right after our launch party in Cleveland for a show at Rockford Music Hall. The actual release date of the book is Tuesday, the 31st. We are rather desperately looking for someone to help us host a party that night, be it a house concert or a pub show or whathaveyou, but we don’t want to miss the opportunity and it looks like options might be a bit dry. Anyone who lives in the NYC area willing to have us? We throw a great shindig, are tres edgy and interstitial and hot besides, and would fit in well to any existing Halloween plans. We are a roving party without a location.

Please? Help us bring the Scorpio book into the world!

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