A Thought–I’m Curious

As I’m hashing out ideas for the launch party for the OT sequel this fall, I have a thought. It may not be a very good thought. But I am curious, so I put it to you.

What if we put together an interstitial show with my book,

‘s music, and visual art from any and everywhere, all based on the Tales? A full folkloric spectrum, story to music to art and back–painting or collage or installation or sculpture or jewelry or leatherworking or puppetry or illuminated manuscript pages or glasswork or anything and everything.

If I were to be able to secure a gallery for the party (which I may well be able to do) would the visual and suchlike (non-text) artists out there submit pieces to the show? Travel to Cleveland/NYC/Boston with their work? Allow us to auction the items to support, say, the Interstitial Arts Foundation or the Global Fund for Women? Would there be any interest at all or am I pipe dreaming? I think we would need at least 10 pieces to make it a real event. Is there enough love for the book out there to create that many? I have no idea. Maybe not.

But maybe. It could be a circus of artists, which is not inappropriate, considering that the “city of spice” in In the Cities of Coin and Spice is populated entirely by artists…who wants to be a citizen of Ajanabh?

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