A Day in the Life of a North American Quasi-Domesticated Cat

Cleaning house, working out, working on book today.

I’m surprised at how fast my body is changing–I’m already back up to my old weightlifting standards and surpassing old records, and my jeans are quite loose after two weeks. I don’t think anyone who doesn’t see me naked every day would notice, but I notice, and it makes me happy. I’ve been slacking on the diet part of the program because the exercise has been working so well, but I’ll get better about that now that I have nowhere to travel until Wiscon. For which I still haven’t gotten a schedule. Grr.

I’ve also been playing Zelda: Twilight Princess like a junkie, and researching my man PJ like a fiend. I can’t decide if this book is a total mess or awesome. Either way, it’s easily the most ambitious thing I’ve ever done, and it scares the crap out of me. Probably a good sign. On the drive home, I was talking to

about trying to figure out how to “level up” as a writer, past a certain point of pro sales and technical competency. I guess this is probably how. Write things you don’t think you can write.

The reading was really lovely, at a bar in Chicago with old anti-prohibition posters all over the place. I had to stand without a podium or a table or anything, which always feels terribly naked, like: THIS IS THE BOOK I READ OVER THE SUMMER AND IT WAS GOOD AND I TELL YOU ABOUT IT NOW. I felt like Willow in Restless. But a bunch of books sold and I signed things and Cheryl Morgan was there, which was fantastic, as I adore her, and I ate rabbit afterward. I also read a poem from Apocrypha, which led to a bunch of people saying “I didn’t know you wrote poetry,” which I guess is a legit assumption, considering how the fiction is much more prominent, but seems odd to me, as I always considered myself a poet first and a novelist second. Frankly, a few years ago I was convinced I couldn’t write fiction at all. And I saw my Chicago people, who I love and miss. Too brief a visit, but by yelling at the bus people for leaving early (which they did, by the giant golden Tower City clock) I now have a spare ticket to Chicago for use whenever I want it. Hooray! Mayhap another Chicago event will turn up.

So…Sage is fine, and showing no signs of being an alien replacement sent to spy on us–though I have come to believe we were the victims of a scam. Come to find out the guy who picked her up basically grabbed her out of our front yard, and then gave her to his boss, who owns a kennel, not an official shelter, and then they charged us to get her back, blithely saying if we couldn’t pay, they’d put her up for adoption. I smell a rat, and curse Sage for being so friendly that she’ll trot up to anyone who calls her. If it were Grimm, the guy would have left her alone on account of her being a giant and suspicious wolf. So here’s me saying: SCREW YOU, Greg Miller Animal Shelter of Oak Village, OH.

Have fun with that, Google.

So now we are home and looking forward to a cozy night in, as everyone is just a little tired. I’d planned to have justbeast borrow some Doctor Who DVDs from theferrett, but their game was cancelled last night so I think we’re stuck hooking the lappy up to the TV and watching torrents. There is delicious wine in the house, but it’s a gift, so I will try to be good and not bust it out.

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