Oh, whoops.

New column.

Memetic Drift.

*scrapes allergy-ridden, fluey self up off the floor*

Who knew Ohio was the one place on the ENTIRE PLANET EARTH where I am
not completely debilitated by allergies? God dammit. It’s really hard
to work or update when your whole face is full of goo.

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  1. tessbelle says:

    Sorry for the allergies. I feel your pain.

  2. *makes out with column*

  3. iterum says:

    Huh. I’ve never thought of Ohio as a paradise (even if certain people IN Ohio are working hard to make sure I *end up* in Paradise)…

  4. sandandsilk says:

    *makes you tea of luf*

  5. sandandsilk says:

    Have you seen these icons?

    There were several that reminded me of you. 😀

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